• geoff hale

Are you getting your Vitamin D?

Did you know that by the end of winter, many of us are becoming deficient in Vitamin D?

It's not called the "sunshine vitamin" for nothing. Most of the supply we get is made in the skin from moderate exposure to natural light in the Spring and Summer months although we do get a proportion of it from our diet. The problem in the UK is the lack of that light through Winter means we use up a lot of what we store in the liver and so it's good for us to take a supplement to stay healthy. As we move though winter, Public Health England is highlighting the importance of following existing government advice on vitamin D supplementation. Between October and early March, everyone is advised to take a supplement containing 10 micrograms (400 IU) of vitamin D a day to protect bone and muscle health. PHE is emphasising that this advice is even more important this year as it has been shown that this essential nutrient helps prevent the worst effects of Covid-19. It also plays a role in lifting the mood and can help banish some of the Winter blues we are all facing due to the isolating effects of social restrictions.

Remember to adhere to the above dose and always check with your GP first to avoid complications if you are already taking medication or other supplements.

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