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Covid-19: Five ways to stay positive through lockdown

Lockdown is stressful and demanding for us all; working from home, home schooling, isolation, anxiety about Covid, over thinking when we're alone with no one to share with.

Adopting helpful habits can make us all feel a little better mentally, emotionally and physically.

Our minds and bodies are inseparable to it's vital to use both. Exercise triggers endorphines which make us feel good, reducing stress and anxiety and reducing pain. As little as 10 mins of activity which gets you slightly out of breath can be enough to help to help mind body and soul and get those helpful brain chemicals boosted up so why not give it a try.

Have a walk outside, get fresh air, try that online workout, wash the car, fill the gardening bin...anything helps. Do something mentally stimulating...puzzles, a new language, online scrabble? Call a friend or colleague, try Zoom?

All these activities stop us over thinking and get us out of our own heads and into a clearer space. Don't dwell on things for too long...most worries never actually materialize so try to keep things in perspective.

If that's tough, try to talk things over and share your concerns with someone you trust; it could be someone you know personally or sometimes it's better if it's someone who's more detached from your personal life like your doctor or your osteopath. Going over things again and again can end up reinforcing your worries; another person can reframe the issues you have and offer perspective.

Remember none of us are perfect. Don't be afraid of mistakes and don't aim for perfection. give yourself space and let yourself off the hook. People around you might look as if they're trouble free but they often have their own issues too; we're all human.

Remember; emotions are contagious so try to connect with people in a better space and you too will feel more positive.

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