• geoff hale

Keep fit, get strong, stay healthy.

In clinic we're seeing lots of patients suffering from the results of inactivity imposed by necessary isolation imposed by the Pandemic. Working from home, gyms and exercise classes closing down over the winter, getting out of the habit of being active and more, have all played a part in many of us getting out of the exercise habit.

Sport England estimates that 28% of 55-74 year olds, and 47% of 75-84 year olds and 70% of over 85s are classified as inactive!!

The trouble with fitness is that if you don't use it you lose it, and fitness and strength take longer to regain the older we get. As most of us know to our cost, the tendency to put on weight also increases with age but skeletal strength, mobility and BMI are amongst the most modifiable health factors. With just a little effort and maybe some planning, we can all do a little more to get fitter and stronger which will in turn improve health and stave off those aches and pains.

Don't forget, with fitness improvements comes an added ability to fight off infections including Covid-19, or if we do succumb to illness, we have a better chance of a faster, fuller recovery.

So why not step up and give it a go: have a walk, re-start golf or tennis, try a new class, take a look at YouTube and see what's out there but remember, start slowly and build up to avoid early overload and progress steadily.

Keep fit, get strong, stay healthy.

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