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Mask or Face Covering? Which one and why.

With new, more contagious variants of the virus circulating, some experts and officials are questioning whether people should wear more protective masks rather than simple face coverings.

Medical type face masks offer much greater protection than fabric face coverings; you'd expect that given that they're engineered to filter the air we breathe. A face covering is just that-a covering which was probably made for a different purpose, especially if it was home made. Face masks also make it easier to breathe. Unless they're fully fitted like the ones used in hospitals where the Covid risk is very high, masks are meant to be looser around the edges so don't worry about that if that's how they fit you.

They're made from purpose designed non-woven fabric, which is better at stopping spray and droplets and offer up to 98% filtration; cloth face coverings offer as little as 5% and do not stop aerosol penetration. Look out for Type 2 or Type 2R masks; they're widely available and the cost has reduced significantly since Covid-19 began so they won't break the bank.

Always make sure your mouth AND nose are covered when wearing your mask and you'll protect yourself and others.

And remember even when wearing your mask....HANDS, FACE, SPACE.

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