• geoff hale

New Report Demonstrates Quality in Osteopathic Practice.

Our professional association, the Institute of Osteopathy (iO) has produced an independent report, "Quality in Osteopathic Practice."

The report collates the latest information and evidence relevant to osteopathic practice, supported by case studies on the impact of osteopaths across a number of different health settings.

Significant results to emerge from the study are:

Patient experience

96.4% of patients say they are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with osteopathic care Osteopathic patients also report a high level of confidence in their osteopath as their healthcare professional.


After 1 week, 89.5% of osteopathic patients report some level of improvement in their symptoms.

Cost effectiveness

89% of First Contact Practitioner Osteopaths’ patients were discharged without need for onward referral.

Sustained Benefit

96.2% of patients reported sustained improvement six weeks after receiving/completing osteopathic treatment.

Hopefully you will find these results as reassuring as we do and we look forward to seeing you in clinic when you need us.

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